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A collection of photographs and stories by Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey

Finding My Niche In Photography

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Niche photography

First of all – what does the image above have to do with finding my niche in photography? Nothing really. It is just something I snapped the other day.

I was asked by a co-worker this morning whether I liked taking photos of people or photos of scenery best. I didn’t really have an immediate answer but after a few seconds thought I told her that I was still finding my niche in photography.

Truth be told I have never given a great deal of thought to it and am actually happy taking photographs of anything, anywhere, any time I have a camera with me.

However, according to many websites that a Google search threw up, if I want to stand out from other photographers and become a better photographer I should be focussing (pun intended) on a specific photographic niche.

According to the Marketing For Photographers and Photography website:

Defining and determining your niche is one of the key elements in your success as a quality photographer. The more selective and narrow your niche, the better able and effective you can be in your marketing activities and efforts.

That sounds to me as though it is aimed at professional photographers.

Let’s consider some of those photographic niches that I should focus on. I had thought that landscapes, people, architectural, sports and other events covered just about everything everything. But no apparently there are a lot more – and then it gets more complicated because there are niches within niches.

Try this for a list of niche photography areas – and I bet there are plenty more besides.

    • Boudoir photography
    • Fashion photography
    • Family photography
    • Pet photography
    • Nude photography
    • Nature photography
    • Wildlife photography
    • Urban photography
    • Travel photography
    • and so it goes on…

It all seems a little bit too hard for a procrastinating amateur photographer like myself.

However, writing this post, albeit it a wishy-washy post, has got me thinking about finding my niche in photography.

A couple of areas spring to mind.

Firstly I have, as you may have read elsewhere, been dabbling in HDR photography. After being somewhat cycnical about HDR and whether or not it is real photography I now find that I quite like it and will probably continue down that track further. One of the challenge I am facing with HDR is working out if there are any subject limitations – and if so which work best.

And second is coming to grips with shooting using the 40mm Nikko Micro prime lens I received for Christmas. From what I have read using a prime lens is a totally different photographic experience from using a zoom lens, but this lens with its f2.8 aperture and close focussing capability offers some exciting challenges and opportunities.

Having said all that I will sum up by saying that while I am finding my niche in photography I will continue to do what I am doing – enjoying my hobby.

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