The Ethos Of Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park – a place of beauty

We – by that I mean me and my partner Lyn, our two dogs and two cats – are lucky enough to live directly opposite Queens Park in Invercargill, and often quip that we have the most beautiful, best kept front garden in the city.

The Invercargill City Council website refers to Queens Park as an “81ha jewel in the centre of the city” and in my view they are correct. It is an absolute jewel of which Invercargillites should be rightly proud.

Queens Park has it all – botanic gardens, a full 18 hole golf course, sports grounds, a large outdoor aviary, and much more.

But for me Invercargill is a magnificent retreat – a place to get away and wander through and just enjoy the sights, the smells and the sounds – and of course all the nice dog owners you bump into if you happen to be walking your dogs.

Late afternoon last Sunday I decided to grab my camera and have a wander through the park and take some photos to try to capture the ethos of Queens Park. Little did I realise what a difficult task that was – and I’m not sure I came close to achieving my goal.

I’m not sure if it was the wrong time of the day so the light was not right, or whether I was not “in the zone” to get the shots I wanted – but I feel that the pictures I came home with were a bit flat.

So – I have resorted to a bit more post-processing than I would normally use. It’s primarily thanks to DxO Pro Optics 7 that I decided to post these images of Queens Park – which I now hope have a little more zing than they would have had otherwise.

I am especially happy with the monochrome photo. What do you think?

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