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A collection of photographs and stories by Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey

What Sort Of Photos Do You Like To Take

What do you like to shoot?

A few days ago I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for several years as we live in different towns. I had forgotten that he too was very keen on photography like me, and I was momentarily lost for words when he asked what sort of photos do you like to take?

I said I preferred taking landscape pictures more than anything else, simply because that is what I seem to have taken most photos of.

But further into the conversation he told me about a monthly photography magazine he published for iOS and Android devices. The publication is called Extraordinary Vision Magazine – and it is absolutely free.

On the EV Mag website it says that the magazine is “all about elevating the power of your outdoor photography…

The use of the term outdoor photography caught my eye and that set me thinking. It is not really landscape photography that I prefer doing – it is outdoor photography!

Outdoor photography – by its very definition – covers a huge range of outdoor options. Landscapes, nature, animals, people, buildings, and so on and so on.

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