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A collection of photographs and stories by Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey

Fujifilm XF1 compact digital camera

Fujifilm XF1 Digital Camera

The baby in the Fujifilm XF series

I haven’t had a great deal of luck with my back up cameras in the last few years.

When I started this website I had a Nikon D3100 as a point and shoot back up camera. It just died! I replaced it six months ago with a Panasonic DMC-FT5 all weather camera as I left the country heading for Alaska where the mist is as thick as porridge and the rain heavier than a heavy downpour on our own West Coast.

Then – about a month or so ago – I lost the Panasonic FT5 in the sea at Oreti Beach.

I was tempted to not replace the Panasonic and stick with using my cell phone camera as a back up, but a week or so ago a retro-look Fujifilm XF1 ended up in my camera bag. Even though the Fujifilm XF1 had gone end-of-line some time ago, I was seduced by it’s ridiculously low clearance price, impressive specifications and positive user reviews so I had to have it.

In spite of the 12 megapixel Fujifilm XF1 having a huge range of features, so far all I have done is use it as a basic point and shoot camera, with the setting usually on the “P” mode and file type set to shooting jpeg, although I have explored one or two other of its many features.

A couple of the features of the Fujifilm XF1 that really appeal to me are it’s stylish retro look, it’s f1.8 lens, and the manual zoom., and its pocketability. The XF1 also offers a RAW shooting option, along with a RAW + jpeg option.

Here are three of my “beginner” photos with the Fujifilm XF1.

It's not called the golden hour for no reason
It’s not called the golden hour for no reason…


Lengthening shadows in a hay field
Lengthening shadows in a hay field


Light at the end of the tunnel a narrow passageway off esk street invercargill
Light at the end of the tunnel



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