Photographer’s Block

Fighting photographer’s block

I have been struggling with my photography for some time now. Since deciding late last year to not continue with my photo-a-day project (which was posted on my Facebook page) I seem to have been unable to focus (pun intended) on my hobby.

Part of this is due to the fact that I haven’t got it clear in my own head what photography niche I want to be in.

I like the freedom of expression that the HDR art form seems to allow; I love the look and feel of many black and white images I have seen; I find those colourful photos of auroras and/or the night sky quite beautiful – but don’t feel the need to rush out and snap them.

And as for the Wanaka tree…I’m not sure that I have a desire to try to replicate an image that seems to pop up on certain Facebook feeds with almost monotonous regularity.

A quick Google search of “photographer’s block” shows that I am not the first, nor will I be the last to suffer from the photographic version of writer’s block, and there are in fact many websites, blogs, e-books and more, full of tips and tricks aimed at getting the creative juices flowing again.

However, before I launch into following some of the on-line suggestions I thought I would tackle my photographer’s block in my own way by going back to the future so to speak, to revisit some of the places where I have taken photographs in the past and try to rediscover what caught my attention and triggered my desire to click the shutter, that first time around.

So – let’s see if I can go back to the future.


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