First Photos From My Olympus Trip 35

The beach at Orepuki

First time Trip user

This was the first film that I had put through my new (but old) Olympus Trip 35 since I dismantled, cleaned and reassembled it. The Olympus Trip 35 has long had a reputation as being a robust, almost bulletproof camera, so I felt comfortable that it would work okay in principle. However I did have two main concerns as I was busy clicking the shutter, winding on, then clicking again as I wound my way through the first film.

So it was with some degree of trepidation that I went into our local photographic store, Donald Buckley Photo & Frame,  today to collect the film that I had dropped in for processing a few days ago.

The first concern was that I had not reassembled the front lens correctly and that the focus would be incorrect. I had not marked its initial setting, so when reassembling the lens I had to guess where to reset it.

As it turns out it looks like I got that front lens setting about right judging by the results.

My second concern was that the film was an 800ASA colour negative film from Lomography, but the Olympus  Trip 35 maxes out at 400ASA. How would the basic 44 year old auto-exposure system cope?

A search on Google told me that my photos should be okay – but would be one stop over exposed – and also, being 800ASA the images might turn out to be a little bit grainy.

Well – it turns out my concerns were unwarranted. I got 38 photographs from a 36 exposure film with no total image failures!.

Sure they weren’t all perfect photos – perfectly composed, perfectly exposed, perfectly coloured – and many were taken on grey-lifeless-sky days, but overall I am pretty happy with the results.

For those of you who want to know – the film was developed using the C41 process, and the negatives were scanned to TIFF format for me.

All I have done to the images posted here is straighten, crop and resize them and save in jpeg format for the web.

Wachner Place christmas tree




Backyard boat, Orepuki


Weathered timbers of a disused ramshackle store at Orepuki

Weathered timbers


The beach at Orepuki


Sign in a carpark



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