Out And About With The Olympus Trip 35

The Esplanade, St Clair, Dunedin

Out tripping – Olympus Trip 35 style

st clair dunedin

St Clair, Dunedin

If you have been following my Daily Photo postings, you will have read a few days ago that I have just finished the last of six rolls of Lomography 800ASA colour negative film I purchased when I brought my old Canon EOS1000F back to life.

You will also have read that this time around I had my local lab scan the developed images to JPEG, rather than to TIFF.

That was a mistake – especially as I settled for standard resolution scans.

I shot the last roll of the Lomography film I had using one of my Olympus Trip 35s. There always seems to be evidence of grain in the Lomography 800ASA colour negative film,  the results from this Olympus Trip 35 for this last roll seemed worse than previous results.

I put this down to a series of factors:

  1. Having the images scanned in standard resolution did no favours to the image quality. The “noise” shows in the blue skies;
  2. The Olympus Trip 35 metering maxes out at 400ASA – so I’m not 100% sure what effect that would have on images taken on 800ASA film; and
  3. I think that the Lomography 800 film likes bright sunny days rather than some dull days.

Anyway – here is a collection of photographs from that last roll.

None of the images have been post-processed other than to resize them for use in this post.

What you see here is effectively straight out of the camera.

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