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A collection of photographs and stories by Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey

The Accidental Olympus Trip

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The accidental Olympus Trip 35

I cannot believe that it is 8 months since I accidentally bought my “newest” old Olympus Trip 35 in Christchurch, and I have only just completed running a roll of 36 exposure film through it. If it was a digital camera I would have shot off 36 exposures in about the same number of minutes – seconds even!

The film I used was Fujicolor C200, a relatively inexpensive (off TradeMe) color negative film rated by as being “good in most photographic situations” and having “very low grain”.

So I was quite excited – even a little apprehensive – when I picked up the developed film. I didn’t even know if the camera was functioning properly. Turns out it was!

My local lab scanned the negatives to TIFF format for me as the last film I had processed I had scanned to standard JPEG and they were disappointingly poor. Not all the images off this roll of film are “keepers” but all are acceptable – except for one that is all blurry from camera shake and will never see the light of day.

For the most part the little Trip 35 handled exposure well, and the colours – to my eye at least – are reasonably true, if a little muted. But what caught my eye in many of the photos was the appearance of grain – especially in areas such as the sky. I was a wee bit disappointed until I started comparing my pictures with others taken on Fujicolor C200 on websites such as Flickrand 500px.

The grain effect that I noticed seemed to be there on nearly all pictures.

So I thought I’d turn to Luminar and try some post processing of the scanned images to clean them up a bit.

Post-processing with Luminar

Luminar is a full-blown photo editor for Mac – although there is a Windows version currently available in beta form. Like all top end photo editing packages, Luminar offers non-destructive editing capability, but one of the things I really like is its powerful simplicity, especially the latest feature to be added – the Accent AI filter which allows lazy photographers like myself to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so to speak.

I used the AI Accent filter as the starting point for tweaking all of the images here, and the other feature I used was Luminar’s denoise filter to reduce the appearance of grain.

The unloader
Old doors
In Queens Park


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