My Favourite Time Of The Year

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year.

Autumn is especially my favourite time of year to amble through Queen’s Park soaking up the colours and the smells of the season.

As I haven’t been out and about on many photographic expeditions for some time due to the fact that there always seems to be so many other chores to do, I decided to pop off a few photos on my cell phone late this afternoon as I walked the dogs through the park.

Kids' play castle in Queens Park

Kids’ play castle in Queens Park

Leaves on a park bench in Queens Park Invercargill

Leaves on a park bench

A sunbeam through the trees in Queens park Invercargill


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Rick - The Occasional Photoblogger

I am Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey – aka The Occasional Photoblogger. I consider myself an opportunist photographer and enjoy taking photographs of ordinary things I see around me, and try to make them appear a little less ordinary and interesting, and while it is always nice to have others appreciate my images, my primary goal is to take photographs that make me happy.

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