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Shooting Film With A Nikon F75

My flirtation with film photography continues – albeit on a random, occasional basis.

This time around I have just finished running a roll of Fujicolor C200 through a recently acquired Nikon F75. The acquisition of the Nikon F75 came about because I was having difficulty focussing the manual cameras I had, so decided I would put my faith in an auto-focus setup.

As a result the Nikkormat FT2 and the Zenit ET have been relocated to new owners, new homes.

Anyway – back to the F75.

I’m not sure whether I am entirely pleased with the results. There seems to be an awful lot of grain and noise in the images, especially in the sky areas,  and I am hoping that that is primarily down to the negative-to-digital scanning process. I normally have my negatives scanned to TIFF as on the one occasion I had them scanned to JPEG I was definitely not happy with the results.

For better or for worse, here is a handful of the pictures, all having had a little bit of noise reduction added using Luminar 2018.


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