My flirtation with film photography continues – albeit on a random, occasional basis.

This time around I have just finished running a roll of Fujicolor C200 through a recently acquired Nikon F75. The acquisition of the Nikon F75 came about because I was having difficulty focussing the manual cameras I had, so decided I would put my faith in an auto-focus setup.As a result the Nikkormat FT2 and the Zenit ET have been relocated to new owners, new homes.

Anyway – back to the F75.

I’m not sure whether I am entirely pleased with the results. There seems to be an awful lot of grain and noise in the images, especially in the sky areas,  and I am hoping that that is primarily down to the negative-to-digital scanning process. I normally have my negatives scanned to TIFF as on the one occasion I had them scanned to JPEG I was definitely not happy with the results.

For better or for worse, here is a handful of the pictures, all having had a little bit of noise reduction added using Luminar 2018.

Invercargill Civic Centre


Troopers Memorial Corner


Invercargill Watertower


The old flour mill Invercargill


Second hand store in an old church in Invercargill

Second hand store in an old church


Gallery and stalls entrance

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