Flirting with Miss Holga

She’s been locked away in a cupboard for quite a while now and I only came across Holga by chance on Sunday when I was looking for a lens cap.

I’m talking about the hit or miss plastic fantastic Holga lens I have for my Nikon D5100.We had a brief flirtation in Queen’s Park while out dog walking last Sunday and she performed true to form. Hit or miss Holga presented me with a series of – well, in a nutshell – lousy, soft, out-of-focus and vignetted images that have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them that almost appeals to me.

Holga uses zone focussing like my Olympus Trip 35 but I still don’t seem to nail the focus everytime, and as a result it’s probably fair to say that these images fall into the lomography category.

And talking of focus issues – that is the prime reason I have sold my Nikkormat and Zenit 35mm SLRs. I struggled with the manual focus lenses due to a combination of poor eyesight and graduated lenses in my glasses. But that, perhaps, is another story for another time.

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