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A collection of photographs and stories by Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey

An old cart wheel with spinning effect

Rick’s Daily Photo Revisited

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Rick’s Daily Photo

I’ve been out of action for a few weeks following minor surgery to repair torn tendons in my right shoulder. Since the operation about 12 weeks ago I have been forbidden by my surgeon to lift anything with my right arm. This restriction on lifting even applied to handling a camera! As a result I have not taken any photos for quite some time – apart from the occasional snap using my cellphone – using my left hand of course!

I have, however, been able to do a bit of keyboard work so have spent a fair amount of time revamping The Occasional Photoblogger website, as well as some time reviewing the 365 photos that I had posted during 2017 on the now defunct Rick’s Daily Photo website.

My daily photo website was a challenge to myself, whereby I posted a photograph a day, every day. Not every photo was posted on the actual day it was taken, and vice versa.

Nevertheless it was an enjoyable challenge – and in some ways I sometimes wish Rick’s Daily Photo was still running! But as it’s not, and as I haven’t taken any fresh photos for several weeks, I decided to create a post using some of  my old daily photos.

These are all photos that I really like for one reason or another – so I hope you like them too.


The Back View

I chose The Back View for the simple reason that it was one of the first photographs that I processed in ON 1 Photo Raw using a preset that I created myself. I rather like the old washed out look of the final image.


Bricks in a crumbling wall

Bricks in a crumbling wall made it into this post as it was a photo taken from the first roll of 35mm film I put through my refurbished Olympus Trip 35.


Back stairs

More bricks in a crumbling wall – only this time it is the Back stairs of an old Invercargill building that is soon going to be demolished to make way for a $100 million plus redevelopment of Invercargill’s city centre.


Looking like 100km/hr when going nowhere

Looking like 100km/hr when going nowhere is, to me anyway, exactly what the photo shows. This guy on a scooter caught my eye as he fired up his scooter and sat patiently waiting for some time to get out into the passing traffic.


Don’t bellow at me…

This is one of my favourites. Don’t bellow at me was a true spur-of-the-moment snapshot taken with my Fujifilm XF1 in a Port Chalmers second hand store. I used the Nik collection to get the final look.


Webbed mirror

Spotted while passing some parked cars – Webbed mirror is another cell phone shot – again processed using the Nik collection.


Impressionist style trees

Impressionist style trees is a photo taken on World Photography Day 2017. The mildly impressionist looking appearance is purely due to the fact that the trees are reflected in the very slow moving waters of the Otepuni Stream.


Invercargill Water Tower standing tall

A landmark in Invercargill, this is the Invercargill Water Tower standing tall since 1899. The tower is unfortunatley closed to the public now because it is deemed an earthquake risk, but there are plans affot to strenghten it and reopen it.


Collision course

Two cars appear to be on a Collision course in this window reflected photo taken on the corner of Kelvin and Tay Streets. Another cellphone photo if I recall correctly.


Art in the heart

Photo number 10 of this post is here because I really just like it! Art in the heart is graffiti art low down on the wall of an Invercargill alleyway. I think most people would walk pastt and never notice it.

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