Why I Changed My Blog Hosting Provider

A few weeks ago I did something that I told myself I would never do again. I changed my blog hosting provider!

Why you might ask? Especially as I had been happy with my New Zealand based provider for a long time after a brief flirtation with Squarespace.

Truth is – I got lazy. Well, not actually lazy – but I got annoyed with having to continually update this, update that, tweak this here and adjust that there in the back-end of WordPress.

So I started researching the cost of managed WordPress hosting. Managed hosting is where all the back-end updating work is done automatically. Sure it costs more than basic cPanel hosting. It turned out that managed WordPress hosting plans in New Zealand cost an arm and three legs. And I haven’t got an arm to spare right now – let alone a third leg!

In the end, I reached out to Anita at i4design. She recommended Net Virtue – an Australian based web hosting provider who has a range of relatively inexpensive managed blog hosting plans.

I know – in the past I have always espoused buy New Zealand on the basis that it’s good to support local business. Plus of course, local hosting providers kept telling me that my blog will be faster if it is hosted in New Zealand.

Well here’s the good news. Net Virtue is very affordable, and Net Virtue blog hosting is fast! Probably faster than anything I have had before.

The GTmetrix and Pingdom Tools speed tests bear this out.I think it is also fair to say that my blog feels a lot “snappier” now too, and that hands-on feel is very important I believe.

The results shown below are pretty typical – and consistent.

P.S. Whenever I publish a new story my blog cache is purged so the first load may take a little longer. After that, it’s all go…

GTMetrix Results For The Occasional Photoblogger

Pingdom Tools Result for The Occasional Photblogger



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