Earl Grey Is More Than Just A Tea

Earl Grey 35mm Lomography Fim

I always thought Earl grey was a tea!

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed you will have seen a handful of black and white photos posted there recently. This is part of the story behind those photos.

In 2018 Lyn and I enjoyed a wonderful river cruise through Europe. I had packed my Olympus Trip 35 thinking that I might be able to find a couple of 35mm films, and pop them in, and shoot some analogue photography while away.

Well, it wasn’t until we arrived in Bucharest and we wandered into a back street bookstore, just idly browsing, and there on a shelf at the back of the bookstore was a three-pack of Lomography Earl Grey black and white film.

And to think I always thought that Earl Grey was a tea!

I bought the three-pack and fully intended to load it up into the Trip 35 straight away, but then decided to hold off until we travelled into Turkey at the end of the river cruise.

In Istanbul we stayed at a charming little boutique hotel – the Arena – just a few hundred metres from the old part of the city. The Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sofia and the Topkapi Palace were only fifteen or so minutes walk away.

I duly loaded roll one of Earl Grey into the Oly Trip 35 and next time we were out and about I happily started clicking away, happily that is, until about the sixth frame when the wind-on mechanism suddenly stopped winding on.

Recovery Mode

Back at the hotel sometime later, after a certain amount of cursing and swearing, I moved into recovery mode and decided to lock myself away in the darkest spot in the hotel room I could find. Climbing into a wardrobe with camera in hand, I tentatively popped the camera back open when the doors were shut tight. I unwound the six or so frames already on the take-up side, carefully re-spooled them, then closed the back with fingers crossed.

Success! With the lens cap on, I clicked through six frames to hopefully take me back to where things were before I climbed into the wardrobe. Everything seemed normal.

Not really knowing what sort of results to expect I shot about 20 or so of the remaining frames of the film in and around Istanbul, then put the Trip 35 back in my bag and forgot about it.

It was a year later that I ran off the remaining frames around my home town of Invercargill and finally got around to having the roll developed.

And the results? Well – here they are. The film was processed by Wellington Photographic Services, and I scanned them all at home using my Epson V370 scanner set to 2400dpi.

I particularly love the market scene. For some reason, it reminds me of olden-days Paris.

And by the way – Istanbul should be on your bucket list if you haven’t already been there. It is an awesome place to visit.




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