Lomography Earl Grey Black And White Film

Three SPCA rescue dogs

Lomography’s own website describes Earl Grey as “an exquisite black and white 35mm film”.

Others describe it as a film with “nice fine grain and good contrast” and one that results in outstanding “black-and-white photos!

As for me – well, I’m no film reviewer. I just load a film into one of my cameras and shoot it, and the excitement of shooting film is that you really never know what the outcome is going to be until the negatives (or prints) come back.

In my case, I get negatives back and scan them myself.

Once I see the results I then decide do I like what I see? – or don’t I? For me, the actual picture is far more important than many of the technical aspects of the picture.

Having said that I do have one or two inexpert comments to make about Lomography Earl Grey.

The first is that judging by the two rolls I have shot so far, Earl Grey gives better results in bright conditions than it does in not-so-bright conditions. But I guess that is to be expected as it is rated at 100ASA.

Also, I love the retro-look that so many of the photos seem to take on. You can see what I mean in the market scene photo in my last post.

And finally – for what it’s worth –  some of the photos taken on Earl Grey appear to me to exhibit an almost classy, moody feel. I think it is because the blacks are black, the whites are white, and all the shades of grey in between work to give an almost melancholic appearance to some subjects.

The three dogs featured at the top of the post are Sam, Harvey and Baxter – all dogs rescued from the local SPCA.

The other photographs were taken in and around my hometown of Invercargill.

(Camera = Nikon F75)

The Vinyl Bar

The Roger Sutton Boardwalk

An old piano in a lean-to

Old cars piled high in a scrap metal recycling yard

A brick and picket fence


The following photographs were taken in the main business area of Invercargill. A complete block of old buildings – with the exception of three privately own buildings – is due to be demolished to make way for a multi-million dollar development that will freshen the heart of Invercargill, and hopefully, attract people back into the long neglected city centre.


The southernmost Starbucks in the world

The frontage of the old Southland Times Building

Old buildings lining the north side of Esk Street, Invercargill

The iconic Zookeepers Cafe in Invercargill’s Tay Street.

A common sign around Invercargill

Back stairs


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Rick - The Occasional Photoblogger

I am Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey – aka The Occasional Photoblogger. I consider myself an opportunist photographer and enjoy taking photographs of ordinary things I see around me, and try to make them appear a little less ordinary and interesting, and while it is always nice to have others appreciate my images, my primary goal is to take photographs that make me happy.

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  1. Avatar Jim Grey says:

    These are some lovely exposures on this classic emulsion. Especially the one of the boardwalk.

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