The Southern Scenic Route Between Invercargill And Tuatapere

Many years ago one of the Rolling Stones described Invercargill – the main, and only city, in Southland – as the “arsehole of the world“.

Unfortunately, many New Zealanders feel the same way, not just about Invercargill, but also about the whole Southland region.

Does this concern us in Southland? No – not at all because it means less people pollution in the beautiful place we call home.

Southland abounds with so many things to do such as surfing, skiing, hunting, fishing, tramping, bushwalking, and more – all within a short drive of Invercargill.

We also have some of the most stunning scenery such as can be seen along the section of the Southern Scenic Route from Invercargill, through Riverton and on to Tuatapere.

Here are four photos taken while on a picnic road trip along the coast a few days ago.


McCrackens Rest lookout and rest area overlooking Te Waewae Bay


Looking east from McCrackens Rest

The two photos above were taken at a popular stopping place on State Highway 99 between Invercargill and Tutapere. McCrackens Rest is a lookout and rest area that sits high on a cliff overlooking, and giving fantastic views of, beautiful Te Waewae Bay.


High and dry

Further along State Highway 99 from McCrackens Rest towards Tuatapere this long-abandoned fishing boat spends its last days rusting away in a paddock overlooking Te WaewaeBay.


Bluecliffs Beach near Tuatapere Southland New Zealand

Bluecliffs Beach near Tuatapere, Western Southland

Just a short drive out to the coast from Tuatapere is Bluecliffs Beach. This is a lovely place to enjoy a picnic – as long as you have plenty of mosquito repellant handy!

We forgot ours! And boy did we suffer….


(Nikon D5100; 18-55 / 55-200 Nikkor lenses; On1 Photo RAW 2019)

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