Maintaining Some Degree Of Sanity

Maintaining Sanity During Covid

With the Covid-19 Alert Level in the country now lifted to level 2, official advice is for over-70s (that’s me…) to stay inside as much as possible and avoid contact with other people. Maintaining sanity under these circumstances can be a bit trying.

Fortunately it is still safe to go out walking as long as we oldies maintain a safe social distance from others according to the guidelines, and keep chatting with others we meet on our walk to less than 15 minutes.

Even more fortunately we live just over the road from Invercargill’s wonderful Queen’s Park, which is where I took myself late today to shoot a few photographs to help with maintaining sanity during covid as we prepare to hunker down to weather these uncertain times.


seal sculpture children's playground queens park Invercargill

Seal sculpture in Queens Park


mother amicus statue Jessie calder garden queens park Invercargill

Mother Amicus


mother amicus queens park Invercargill

Mother Amicus in the Jessie Calder Gardens


local Invercargill hero burt munro

Burt Munro – local hero


Henry tuatara

Henry – our 110 year old Tuatara


bridge over the duck pond in queens park

Bridge over the duck pond in Queens Park


abstract in the children's playground queens park Invercargill

Abstract corner in Queens Park



Sundial in Henry Edginton Gardens, Queens Park, Invercargill

All photographs shot with a Nikon D5100 and Nikkor 18-200 zoom lens; processed in DxO Photolab and Luminar Flex.

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I am Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey – aka The Occasional Photoblogger. I consider myself an opportunist photographer and enjoy taking photographs of ordinary things I see around me, and try to make them appear a little less ordinary and interesting, and while it is always nice to have others appreciate my images, my primary goal is to take photographs that make me happy.

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