Let The Catlins Captivate You

a disused farm shed at slope point in the catlins
Disused farm shed - noir style

I have to start this wee story with a disclaimer. The title of this post is not one I thought of myself. Let The Catlins Captivate You is the catchphrase you see in big bold letters when you visit the Official Website Of The Catlins.

Notwithstanding that – the catchphrase is absolutely correct.

Located in the south-eastern corner of the South Island of New Zealand, the Catlins extends from Balclutha in the north down to Fortrose in the south. The Catlins Coastal Forest Park reaches well inland to make for wonderful bush walks and exploring.

Named after Edward Cattlin, who purchased land from local Maori the area in 1840, somewhere along the line one “t” has disappeared to give us the name we use now.

With plenty of things to see and do up and down the Catlins, the area is rapidly becoming a primary destination for tourists and local day-trippers alike. The Southern Scenic Route makes access by the road a breeze.

The Catlins is also a photographers paradise with wonderful landscapes, fantastic seascapes, bush walks, lighthouses, wildlife and more…and the light can be wonderfully variable!

As one who has often passed through the Catlins, I have to confess that I have not stopped to take photographs as often as I should. On one occasion, however, I did stop at Slope Point and spent a bit of time walking around the area.

And for those of you who don’t know – Bluff, south of Invercargill at the end of State Highway 1 – is NOT the southernmost point in mainland New Zealand.

Slope Point is!

So next time you are down south taking a drive or a holiday and let the Catlins captivate you.


Haldane bay slope point in the catkins

Haldane Bay on the Catlins coast


Looking out to sea at the start of the walkway to slope point

Looking out to sea at the start of the walkway to Slope Point


signpost at slope point in the catkins

Signpost at Slope Point – the southernmost point of the South Island


an old farm shed at slope point in the catlins

An old farm shed at Slope Point



Guess which way the prevailing wind blows



A stream flows through the bush in the Catlins


a disused farm shed at slope point in the catlins

Disused farm shed – noir style

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