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A collection of photographs and stories by Invercargill photographer Rick Harvey

Autumn In The Park

As I said once before – autumn in the park is my favourite time of year.

I took a late afternoon walk, camera in hand, through Queens Park today to capture a few images of autumn’s fading days.

Unfortunately I left my run a little late as most leaves have now fallen from the trees, and those leaves that are left are but a shadow of their former autumnal selves.

So I took a few non-autumn shots, and here they are, combined with a few autumn shots from the previous few days.


Autumn in Queens park
Autumn in the park


Last leaves of autumn in Queens Park Invercargill
Afternoon sun catches the last leaves of autumn


A couple watching the action at the duck pond in Queens Park
A couple watching the action at the duck pond in Queens Park


not quite the last leaf
Not quite the last leaf


shadows on a park bench
Shadows on a park bench


the Japanese garden in queens park
Japanese garden in Queens Park


corner of the centennial winter gardens in queens park Invercargill
Centennial Winter Gardens building in Queens Park


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