West Coast Road Trip – part 2

West Coast Road Trip Part 2

In my last road trip post  the story basically ended at the Gentle Annie Camping Ground near Mohikinui as we headed back to Greymouth.

We actually travelled a several more hundred kilometres after leaving Greymouth  by way of heading north to Nelson, then east cross to Blenheim to follow State Highway 1 all the way back home to Invercargill.

This post is not really a “part 2” but more of an excuse to share with you a few more photographs I took along the way.


The Cowhsed at Gentle Annie Camping Ground

The Cowhsed at Gentle Annie Camping Ground

The Cowshed is the hub of the Gentle Annie Camping Ground where residents can chill out, chat and drink coffee, or use the free wi-fi on offer. There is also an outside covered-in cooking area with a large pizza oven. Bring your own firewood up from the beach please!


Cattle in a paddock alongside Gentle Annie

Cattle in a paddock alongside Gentle Annie

Inquisitive cattle live in the paddocks on the Mohikinui River side of Gentle Annie. When we were there the whitebaiters lining the river banks outnumbered the cattle.


Art For Art Sake - Granity - West Coast road trip South Island, New Zealand

Art For Art Sake, Granity

Unfortunately Art For Art Sake was closed the day we headed south back to Greymouth but it made a nice photo stop.


Art For Art Sake, Granity, West Coast, South Island, Ne Zealand

On the wall at Art For Art Sake


Sunset over the hills of Kahurangi National Park, South Island, New Zealand

Nelson sunset

This photo was taken from the Tahuna Beach Kiwi Holiday Park – the spot we parked up for a couple of nights before heading home. Not only were we treated to a beautiful sunset, but the following morning we also enjoyed a wonderful rainbow out over the water.

Rainbow over the water west of Nelson, South Island, New Zealand

Searching for a pot of gold

From Nelson our road trip took us east to Blenheim, then straight down State Highway 1 heading for home.


Katiki Beach North alongside State Highway 1 south of Hampden, South Island, New Zealand

Katiki Beach North alongside State Highway 1 south of Hampden

Heading south from Hampden on State Highway 1, Katiki Beach North Reserve Rest Stop is about 8.5 kilometres away, just off to the left immediately after the railway over bridge. Overnight camping is allowed for fully self contained vehicles.


All photos taken with a Nikon D300, 18-200 zoom lens; processed in DxO Photolab 3 and Luminar Flex.

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