Grunge Photowalk In Invercargill

Dirty, gritty and old – a grunge photowalk I consider myself to be an opportunistic photographer in that I generally just head out with my camera with no specific goals in mind except to photograph whatever takes my fancy. However a few weeks ago I took part in an organised photo walk with a goal. … Read moreGrunge Photowalk In Invercargill

Invercargill Photowalk With Trey Ratcliff

Invercaill's St Matys Basilical photographed during a Trey Ratcliffe photowalk

Walking with Trey Ratcliff At the tail end of October the Southland Photographic Society hosted an Invercargill photowalk with Trey Ratcliff. Not only was it the first time that Trey had led an Invercargill photowalk, but it was also the first organised photo taking outing I had attended. For those of you who haven’t heard … Read moreInvercargill Photowalk With Trey Ratcliff