Olympus Trip 35 - Batteries Not Included

Batteries not included

One of the greatest things I like about the Olympus Trip 35 is that it comes “batteries not included” – because it needs none. The camera’s basic, but mostly accurate, exposure system is effectively solar powered – so don’t ask me how it works at night! (Kidding…)

The first Olympus Trip 35 I purchased on trademe cost $50.00 including courier to get it to my door – and it needed a little bit of refurbishment to make sure it was doing what it should.

My second Trip 35 – also from trademe – cost even less to get it to my door, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was in much better condition than the first, and didn’t require any work at all other than a quick cosmetic clean to remove a few minor marks and dust.

I checked that the aperture blades opened and closed smoothly; and that the shutter went “click” when it should, and that the film winder wound okay after the shutter went “click”. Also very pleasing was the fact that the red flag popped up in the viewfinder and locked the shutter in low light conditions. This is an issue I still haven’t totally resolved on the first Trip 35.

Then in went one of the Lomogaphy 800ASA films that I had acquired from the US. I set the ASA dial on the camera to its maximum 400ASA and the Trip was locked and loaded, ready to go. Using 800 ASA film with a 400ASA camera setting seems to work fine – as you can see from images from Trip number one and from the selection below.

I love the colours, the softness of some of the images, the slight grainy effect of the 800ASA film – and the fact that all photos are “keepers”.

And of course – no batteries were used in the taking of these photographs from my second Olympus Trip 35!