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Scanning 35mm Film With The Epson V370 Scanner

I was very fortunate to receive an Epson V370 scanner as a Christmas gift (thank you Lyn…), and have had the chance over the last couple of days to start to come to grips scanning 35mm film for the first time.

The Accidental Olympus Trip

The accidental Olympus Trip 35 I cannot believe that it is 8 months since I accidentally bought my “newest” old Olympus Trip 35 in Christchurch, and I have only just completed running a roll of 36 exposure film through it. If it was a digital camera I would have shot off...

Cooper's Catch, Kaikoura

Olympus Trip 35 – Batteries Not Included

Batteries not included One of the greatest things I like about the Olympus Trip 35 is that it comes “batteries not included” – because it needs none. The camera’s basic, but mostly accurate, exposure system is effectively solar powered – so don’t ask me how it works at night! (Kidding…)...

First Photos From My Olympus Trip 35

First time Trip user This was the first film that I had put through my new (but old) Olympus Trip 35 since I dismantled, cleaned and reassembled it. The Olympus Trip 35 has long had a reputation as being a robust, almost bulletproof camera, so I felt comfortable that it would...