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Lomography Earl Grey Black And White – Part 2

Here a few more shots taken on Lomography Earl Grey 100ASA black and white, using my Olympus Trip 35. You may have read the background story about this particular roll of film. It is actually the first black and white film that I have shot since the 1960s! Now that I am shooting film reasonably regularly I really must get into the habit of carrying a notebook with me to jot down little stories...

Earl Grey Is More Than Just A Tea

I always thought Earl grey was a tea! If you’ve been following my Instagram feed you will have seen a handful of black and white photos posted there recently. This is part of the story behind those photos. In 2018 Lyn and I enjoyed a wonderful river cruise through Europe. I had packed my Olympus Trip 35 thinking that I might be able to find a couple of 35mm films, and pop them in, and...

The Accidental Olympus Trip

The accidental Olympus Trip 35 I cannot believe that it is 8 months since I accidentally bought my “newest” old Olympus Trip 35 in Christchurch, and I have only just completed running a roll of 36 exposure film through it. If it was a digital camera I would have shot off 36 exposures in about the same number of minutes – seconds even!

Cooper's Catch, Kaikoura

Olympus Trip 35 – Batteries Not Included

Batteries not included One of the greatest things I like about the Olympus Trip 35 is that it comes “batteries not included” – because it needs none. The camera’s basic, but mostly accurate, exposure system is effectively solar powered – so don’t ask me how it works at night! (Kidding…) The first Olympus Trip 35 I purchased on trademe cost $50.00 including courier to get it to my door – and it needed a little...