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An old cart wheel with spinning effect

Rick’s Daily Photo Revisited

Rick’s Daily Photo I’ve been out of action for a few weeks following minor surgery to repair torn tendons in my right shoulder. Since the operation about 12 weeks ago I have been forbidden by my surgeon to lift anything with my right arm. This restriction on lifting even applied to handling a camera! As a result I have not taken any photos for quite some time – apart from the occasional snap using...

Site of a new hotel development in Invercargill

The Changing Face Of Invercargill

Big things are starting to happen in my hometown of Invercargill. In fact the changing face of the city means that what you see today may not be visible tomorrow. For a long time I had been intending to head downtown and take photos of the old Langlands Building on the corner of Don and Dee Streets where the local Licensing Trust has just started work on a new hotel development. Unfortunately I left...

Memorial Avenue Gateway Bridge at the entrance to Christchurch Airport.

New Year Resolutions

2019 is upon us and I have not made any New Year Resolutions simply because I know from past experience that once made, new year resolutions are often, if not always, quickly forgotten.

World Photo Day 2017

For World Photo Day 2017 I have gone for a selection of urban, gritty photos taken during a photo walk around my hometown of Invercargill.

Bill's Antiques Caversham Dunedin

Bill’s Antiques Dunedin

There are some wonderful old buildings lining South Road in Caversham, Dunedin – not unexpected as Caversham is one of the oldest suburbs of the city having been founded in the 1850s by wealthy pioneer Henry Valpy.